MultiMotion Displays

Interactive Floor & Wall Projections

Interactive floor-projections

Interactive Floor Projection-Displays

Transform any ground surface into an interactive playground and amaze your customers with spectacular effects and animations.

Interactive wall-projections

Interactive Wall Projection-Displays

Interactive wall-projections which react automatically to your customers touchless motions. For effective marketing with interactive advertising messages!

Interactive LCD Wall-Displays

Interactive LCD Wall-Displays

Large-scale interactive wall displays as combined LCD-screens: Diverse animations and effects with your content, automatically reacting to the touchless motions of your customers.

MultiMotion Technology

Dive into virtual worlds: With eyefactive's multimotion technology you become a part of the computer-simulation. By movement of your body you control interactive applications without touching a surface. eyefactive utilizes an innovative procedure of special cameras, IR lighting system and a self-developed, intelligent image-processing software: EVOVIS.

MultiMotion Technology

About Us

What has been successfully established on smartphones and tables, eyefactive brings to tables and walls in large scale: unlimited multitouch & multimotion technology on seamless displays in any size and shape, combined with innovative multiuser software available through the world's first b2b appstore.

For effective marketing as interactive digital signage solutions in public spaces, at points of sale & information, trade shows and events as well as collaborative teamwork in companies.

We change the way how people interact with computers: together!

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